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Sale of Fresh Royal Jelly in different formats. Royal jelly is the only food of the queen bee and thanks to it, it is able to live up to 4 years. Whitish, creamy, viscous and acid-smelling. Its flavor is sweet with a clear persistent acid component. Being a fresh product has to be kept in the refrigerator.

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BenefitHigh energy input
Weight - FormatDifferent Formats
CuriosityMain power of the Queen Bee
Visual appearance - (Color)Whitish
Aroma - (Smell)Characteristic odor
Taste - (Flavor)Characteristic flavor
Crystallization - (Touch)Viscous mass

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Royal jelly is the privileged food of the queen bee throughout its life, and also of worker bees and drones in its first three days of life. In this way it is difficult for the beekeeper to collect large quantities of royal jelly without harming the queen or the good development of the larvae.

To collect Royal Jelly the beekeeper has to choose vigorous colonies with many young bees, where special cells are placed for the rearing of queens, also called "real cells" or "realeras". When the queen bee leaves the hive, the worker bees are forced to fill the royal jelly with royal jelly so that a new queen can emerge later. At this time is when the beekeeper is responsible for removing these cells approximately three days when their quality and quantity are optimal. The procedure is carried out quickly and hygienically by means of a wooden spatula.

The amount of pure Royal Jelly that is extracted from a single cell is miniscula, to get an idea, within a hive you can enter between 500 and 100 "real cells"; As each cell contains 200 to 500 mg of pure Royal Jelly, between 400 and 600 grams of pure Royal Jelly can be obtained from a hive in one season (3 - 4 months).

Once obtained this food, it should be stored and packaged away from sunlight in cold.

Properties of fresh Royal Jelly

Pure Royal Jelly owes its high nutritional value and its biological qualities to its special composition. It contains all the necessary elements for structuring the living organism: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts. Its composition depends on the breed of bees and the age of the larvae at the time of collection.

Fresh Royal Jelly is a thick, whitish mass with a specific smell and a sour taste. At room temperature and exposed to sunlight it is not preserved for a long time.

Pure royal jelly

It is especially rich in protein substances (13 - 30%). Human milk contains only 1.7% and cow's milk 3.5%. In Royal Jelly there are 22 amino acids (arginine, cysteine, histidine, lysine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, serine, methionine, glutamic acid and tryptophan, among others).

There are also in it globulins, among which the gamma globulin, the best known, and which contributes to the resistance of the organism against bacteria, viruses and toxins.

This natural food contains 5.46% fat (human milk contains between 3.5 - 4%, cow's milk 3.5%) and 12.7% carbohydrates (human milk contains 7% and the cow 4.7%).

One of its most important characteristics is the great wealth of vitamins contained in pure Royal Jelly. We can find in it vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B12, as well as vitamins C, D, A, E, although in smaller quantity. Pantothenic acid (B5) plays an important role in the metabolism of developing larvae.

The trace elements of Royal Jelly, such as iron, manganese, zinc, and cobalt, are important in the formation of blood. In addition, the presence of acetylcholine, cholinesterase, digestion enzymes, hormones and other biologically active substances (in total 3.9%) and carbonic acid has been demonstrated.

Royal Jelly increases the vital forces of the organism in general. An increase in physical and psychic tone can also be detected. The metabolic processes develop more favorably and the nutrition of the tissues improves. All this indicates that pure Royal Jelly has a stimulating effect on almost all the organs and systems of the organism.

How to take Fresh Royal Jelly

Fresh royal jelly we have to take orally. It is supplied in different formats, depending on the need. It is advisable to take it in the morning fasting or divided into two doses (morning and noon before lunch). The daily dose ranges between 120 - 180 mg (one teaspoon that is supplied next to the jar). A treatment cycle lasts two to three months. For a correct intake it is recommended to mix 20 g of royal jelly with 600 grams of honey, so we must take a full spoon in the morning fasting. Do not forget to store this mixture in the refrigerator for proper storage.

Its use in children under 2 years should be consulted with the pediatrician. Contraindicated in asthmatic people, allergic or that present some intolerance to the product.




Hola Elena. Correcto. Por un lado tienes que tomar por las mañanas una cucharadita durante dos semanas, y descansar una, y por otro lado ese ciclo lo tienes que repetir durante tres meses. Posteriormente puedes descansar un mes y volver otra vez al ciclo. Espero haberte ayudado. Cualquier consulta no dudes en preguntarnos. Saludos


    Cuánto tiempo se toma

    Hola, acabo de empezar a tomar la jalea real hoy. He leído en esta web por un lado que se toma 2 semanas y se descansa una y por otro lado que el plazo de tratamiento son de dos a tres meses ¿me podrían ayudar para aclarar cuánto tiempo debería tomar la jalea real? ¡Muchas gracias!



      Hola. La jalea real fresca la puedes tomar tal cual. Viene con una cucharadita pequeña, que es la dosis. El modo de empleo mas habitual es tomar una cucharadita por las mañanas en ayunas, media hora antes del desayuno. Repetir esta acción durante dos semanas, y descansar una. También existe otra forma de tomarla, y es mezclar los 20 gramos de jalea en 1 kilo de miel, remover y meter en el frigorífico. De esta forma podemos tomar una cucharada de café por las mañanas en ayunas.


        Jalea real

        Como la preparo.?¿o se toma así tal como viene


          Fresca y saludable

          No sabía que existía este producto en formato fresco. Siempre he tomado en cápsulas, lo he probado y de verdad que da resultado, por las mañanas en ayuno y tengo energía todo el día, también es verdad que los primeros días no note nada, pero como todo es cuestión de tiempo. Gracias!!!

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          No sabía como se preparaba y la verdad es que mezclada con miel es la mejor opción, ahora la tengo en la nevera y todas las mañanas tomo una cucharada, y lo que más me gusta de todo es que es fresca

          • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

          Fresca Jalea Real

          Me recomendaron comprar jalea fresca para que me ayudase a aumentar mi concentración cuando tengo que estudiar, la verdad es que no tenia claro que funcionase, pero al cabo de varias semana note diferencia en mis estudios. No es que sea un producto milagroso pero a mi si me ha ayudado con mis estudios. Yo si la recomiendo, además me he leído las propiedades que tiene y son una multitud. En cuanto se termine pensare en comprar el bote de 200 gramos.

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            Fresh Royal Jelly

            Fresh Royal Jelly

            Sale of Fresh Royal Jelly in different formats. Royal jelly is the only food of the queen bee and thanks to it, it is able to live up to 4 years. Whitish, creamy, viscous and acid-smelling. Its flavor is sweet with a clear persistent acid component. Being a fresh product has to be kept in the refrigerator.

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