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Fresh Royal Jelly 200g.

Sale of Fresh Royal Jelly in large format, 200 grams. The exclusive food of the queen bee that will provide you with a wide range of unique nutrients from the hive, with a high dose of energy. The most important thing is that it is fresh, so you should keep it refrigerated once opened.

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How to take Fresh Royal Jelly

Fresh royal jelly is taken by means of a teaspoon. It is recommended to take in the morning, although it does not matter the time of day, but it is important that it is on an empty stomach. The dose usually ranges from 120 - 180 mg (the attached spoon). The total consumption is a maximum of three months and rest one. It is important to keep it in the fridge since it is a fresh product.

Its consumption in children under 2 years should be consulted with the pediatrician. Contraindicated in people with asthma, allergies or who have an intolerance to the product.

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