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Authentic honey. Straight from the hives of rural beekeepers

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Natural nutrition is a source of health ... a phrase that increasingly exists in the minds of consumers. And what products comply with all the nutritional properties that consumers are willing to accept as such and that really are true. Well, they are the derivatives of beekeeping. We know that today honey has gained a small bad reputation, due to the fear on the part of consumers that they are mixed with other substances such as glucose or that come from other continents. A food as traditional as Spain has and that has been earned for centuries by its generational craftsmanship in beekeeping, an indisputable quality. To conserve all the class that has the natural and raw honeys of Spain and to be able to buy honey and its derivatives (royal jelly, pollen, propolis, propolis, etc.) with quality guarantees, the online shop mieleshoney is born, a store dedicated exclusively to these foods. Here you can buy natural, artisanal and quality products offered by rural beekeeping, for good nutrition and healthy eating without having been treated or heated at high temperatures, nor pasteurized, nor extrafiltered so that all their healthy properties remain intact. Products used as home remedies and used as natural medicine in antiquity in addition to its applications in cosmetics. Throughout the web you can find different varieties, all harvested in our regions, where the hives have always been. Since none has undergone any process that reduces their properties, they are considered crude. In this way you can enjoy the authentic product packed directly from the hive. Sometimes you can find that the honey reaches your home in a state of crystallization or crystallized, this is because it has not been manipulated and follows its natural course of crystallization by the cold.

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Mieleshoney is an online store specializing in products derived from beekeeping. Buy here with quality guarantees is possible. We have several sections where you can choose the one that best suits your tastes or preference, from traditional honey and artisan, with designation of origin, ecological, gourmet and even the most diverse honeys in the world. All of them elaborated in the Spanish beekeepers' villages where the beekeepers of all their lives harvest them using their traditional systems; Raw and without additional treatments so that they keep all their properties intact.

Honey online sale with quality guarantees. You can find great variety, such as:

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