The bees that pollinate our flowers are fundamental to our ecosystems and also produce one of the most complete foods. Bee honey is a product that man has benefited from for over 10,000 years, in fact the Egyptians have already begun to practice beekeeping to obtain honey, and nowadays it is the favorite sweet of many Spaniards. The honey has approximately 80% of natural sugars that come from the nectar of the flowers and 18% of water, the rest is composed of more than 180 beneficial substances that have been found in its composition.
Honey apart from being a food that is fundamentally energetic has some medicinal properties, the most advantageous or main ones are for the skin, since they are nutrients and beneficial for this, therefore it has many advantages for people who have dry skin as well as for wrinkles. For centuries it has been used to heal wounds.
Honey is also one of the best allies of our respiratory system, its habitual consumption prevents us from colds. In addition to giving us energy, it benefits our digestive system. Honey also serves for constipation, stimulates liver activity and has an important detoxifying effect. It is a tonic of the central nervous system so it can be used for insomnia, anxiety and stress situations.
Mainly honey is best taken at breakfast, even though it can be taken at any time, since it is a food with a high energy value.
Since time immemorial honey is part of our Mediterranean diet, today thousands of dishes can be seasoned with the fruit of bees. This sweet food is a real delicacy for almost all mouths.
Its consumption is highly recommended for athletes, because their nutrients are quickly used by the body. And as an important nutrient, it also makes the muscles that need to work the most provide you with a lot of energy, as much as they need extra intake as well as those that work poorly.
With 30% less calories, experts believe that honey is the best substitute for sugar, in fact it is widely used by singers and actors to clarify the voice. Substituting sugar for honey prevents the loss of calcium that causes the consumption of sugar. Sugar only provides sugar while honey provides other nutrients such as vitamins and a series of substances beneficial to the body.

Considered in Egypt as the nectar of the gods, by the Greeks as a formula for longevity and by the Arabs as a remedy for all diseases, honey is undoubtedly the best ally in our diet to ensure the best quality of life.