Honey and pollen can help a woman get pregnant. Known as the nectar of the gods, honey has long been used for its medicinal and antiviral properties, but, according to some beekeepers and several researchers around the world, it is recommended to women who have difficulty conceiving.

This recommendation began to be used in the Anglo-Saxon era, when newlyweds took honey every day for a month to increase fertility and maintain performance in the bedroom.

Even before this time, the ancient Semites attributed the presence of honey to Astarte, the goddess of sexuality, fertility, motherhood, love and war. Even the Old Testament makes reference to the fertile Promised Land as' the land of milk and honey.

According to beekeeper Clive Brockdorff and his wife Susan Fletcher, a nutrition consultant, the belief that honey and pollen improve fertility and sexuality is an idea that remains today. In addition, the research supports this claim.

"Pollen stimulates ovarian function in women who try to conceive," explains Susan who, together with Clive, owns and operates Apiterapia Foods, a company based in Norfolk, which offers bee products from its apiary of more than 2 million bees

They state that "A woman who is struggling to conceive, with the consumption of bee pollen and raw honey (unprocessed and filtered, since this honey contains large amounts of pollen), can almost guarantee a result within two or three months."

It is very important that the product is raw, and that means that it has not been processed and that it is found as it comes from nature. These are the varieties of raw honeys:

Honey of a thousand raw flowers, orange blossom, rosemary, lavender / lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, heather and forest. Each of a flavor, but all with the qualities we seek. While it is true that the rosemary and orange blossom are the ones with a finer taste.

Bee pollen is a mixture of bee saliva, plant nectar and flower pollen. It is rich in minerals such as copper, potassium, sodium and zinc, in addition to other 24 and of the 22 amino acids known to man, 20 have been found in bee pollen.

Susan attributes the high pregnancy rates when bee pollen and raw honey are consumed to pollen properties. Several studies in Europe and the USA They have investigated the beneficial links between bee pollen, raw honey and sexual health. For what they have shown:

Restores and rejuvenates the sexual glands and fatigue, both in men and women. This is because it contains natural hormonal substances that stimulate and nourish the reproductive system.
Increases sexual stamina and physical endurance.
Improve sexual dysfunction caused by prostate disorders
Stimulate ovarian function and increase the biological value of the ovary
Alleviate symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome
Just as pollen and raw honey contain beneficial properties for sexual and reproductive disorders, they also provide great health benefits, generally for the entire body.