This section is dedicated to recipes made with honey, but before explaining some recipes of dishes made with honey, we give you some advice about its culinary use.


- Sponge in the oven

Honey allows baked foods to remain spongy because it absorbs moisture due to being hygroscopic. This property is interesting especially in baking: biscuits, cookies, cakes, nougat, etc. The bread takes much longer to get hard if you add a small amount of honey to make it.


- Sweetener for yogurt, desserts with fruits and juices

Honey is a good sweetener for natural yoghurt, as well as for desserts with fruits that, for industrial reasons, are collected without maturing in the tree and, therefore, are much less sweet (they also lack other of their virtues) . Anyway, this sweetener combines very well with most fruits. Dr. Vanden recommended it with bananas. In the case of fruit juices, it is good to know all the ingredients and the type of honey that is going to be used, since these are flavors with a lot of personality that may not fit with each other. If the honey is very thick or hard, it will come off more easily if, before picking it up, the spoon is placed in hot water


- Breakfast with toast

Think of honey in the morning, at breakfast, as a sweet accompanied by natural or toasted bread. The most indulgent will throw it over some good homemade waffles (with or without butter). This bee product is always preferable to jams because it contains no added sugar (and much better than jams, which contain more sugar).

If honey is sweetened with tea or tisanes, they should not be freshly boiled because they could destroy enough of the sweetener's properties, as we have already seen. In the kitchen, it is usually recommended the use of this food at temperatures not higher than 45 - 60 º C, except if they are baked, in which case the presence of honey is usually irrelevant.


- Snack

In the snack it is worth everything said for breakfast; Of course, putting a little emphasis on fruits. Crepes are always delicious in a little festive snack ... and are not as laborious as it seems.


- Compatibilities

The honey is excellent, but it does not mix well with the oil, despite the great sauces that can be prepared with both ingredients. So, if you follow the compatibilities of food, when you eat salad it will be better that the dessert does not include honey. Many people have eliminated the dessert from the meals, or they take one very light and easy to digest. Depending on what type it is (most fruits, for example), it can be included at the beginning of the meal, instead of the traditional salad. Many people already follow the good combinations of foods in their diet, which favors health and prevents digestive complications.


- Honey with cinnamon

In the USA, the custom of consuming regularly with breakfast, instead of jam or butter, a paste made with honey and cinnamon is quite widespread. The regular intake of this paste mitigates the lack of energy, reduces cholesterol and strengthens the heart.


- Honey and lemon juice

The combination of honey and lemon juice results in excellent lemonade, to which you can add a little lime juice. It is also recommended for cases of fever, then several teaspoons will be taken during the day.