Pure Lavender Honey (Cantueso)
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Pure Lavender Honey (Cantueso) - (Spain)

Sale of pure lavender honey (Cantueso). From the nectar of flowers lavenders, harvested in the Sierra de Gredos ( Spain ). Two jars half kilo and kilo in ancient orza format.

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Why buy lavender honey?

The honey of lavender, is made by the bee of a Spanish variety of lavender, known as lavender (L. Ststoechas). Its color is clear amber and sometimes extra clear amber with a floral aroma weak to vegetable, not very intense and sometimes with very light notes of camphor. It has a sweet flavor with a slight bitter almond note. Of slow and fine crystallization.

The natural properties that it possesses are similar to those of lavender honey (Lavender), since the grains are of the same family but with a higher stem.

MielesHoney the largest and most professional specialized online store related to traditional and artisanal beekeeping so that our customers can buy lavender honey with guarantees of authenticity.

Data sheet

0.75 kg
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Data sheet
Lavender Honey
Scientific name of the plant
Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)
Raw Honey (*)
Crystallized Honey
Weight - Format
Two packs 500 grams and 1000 grams ( Choose according to your priority).
Plants of lavenders formerly were used in love spells and purification.
Visual appearance - (Color)
Amber very clear
Aroma - (Smell)
Lavender Floral little intense
Taste - (Flavor)
Sweet sense of good taste
Crystallization - (Touch)
Rather slow , from bottom to top
Honey Range of Quality
Mieles Iglesias
Honey from Spain
(*) Raw Honey: Packaged hive to the jar without additional treatments
(**) The state of the honey may be liquid, solid or solidification process because it is natural