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    Gola spray based on propolis, licorice, mint and anise, in a practical 25 ml container. Food supplement based on natural products. Softness and freshness in the mouth and throat.

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    Natural propolis in small pot with drop dispenser obtained by traditional methods. Beekeepers are responsible for separating the wax from this natural antibiotic in an artisanal and traditional way, since it takes a lot of time and manual work, to later treat it and obtain it in the form of a tincture. FIX THE AMOUNT OF PROPERTIES YOU HAVE!

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    Chewable propolis jelly beans so you can always carry them with you. From the manufacturer of apicultural products ANAE de Ayora. All the properties of propolis and the sweetness of honey in the form of candy.

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    Propolis candy bag. Enjoy the sweet taste of caramel combined with the benefits of propolis. Sweeten and protect your throat against irritants. Buy propoleo candies to sweeten and protect your throat.

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    Food supplement based on Propolis purified with Reishi, free of resins and inactive remains from the hive, of the Tongil brand.

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