Honey with Vanilla 275g.



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VarietyHoney Flavors
TreatmentRaw Honey (*)
StateLiquid Honey
OriginIberian Peninsula
BenefitIt has soothing , analgesic qualities components ( painkillers ) , has antibacterial properties
QuantityHoney 85 % - Nuts 15%
Weight - Format275 g.
CuriosityVanilla is obtained from an orchid, the only hermaphrodite its spice and the only one with fruits ( such fruit is vanilla )
Visual appearance - (Color)Kaoba light to dark
Aroma - (Smell)Aromatic vanilla
Taste - (Flavor)Sweet with special feelings
Crystallization - (Touch)Slow
(*)(*) Honey Raw: Straight from the hive, untreated.


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Honey with Vanilla 275g.

Honey with Vanilla 275g.

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