Honey with Cinnamon
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Honey with Cinnamon 275g.

Selling thousand-flower honey with cinnamon helps us fight overweight and keep us in shape. Highly healthy Cinnamon makes this combiando be used as a potent food for diets related to weight loss.

Beneficial for:

Help with skin imperfections
Help with digestion
Lowers cholesterol
Help with weight loss

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The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine (Ayurvedic medicine, Yogavahi) as a home remedy. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to mankind as well as honey. The essential oils of cinnamon and the enzyme of honey that produces hydrogen peroxide, combine the mixture of these two products in an anti-microbial food capable of helping to stop the growth of bacteria.

Honey and cinnamon is one of the best known mixtures called as a natural remedy, it helps to fight many diseases as well as providing great benefits for our health. Here we show you some of the benefits that it brings:

Immune system: Honey and cinnamon are excellent for stimulating the immune system helping to eliminate chronic fatigue and to fight colds, flu and viruses. The antioxidants found in these products also fight free radicals.

Diabetes: Cinnamon contains antioxidant flavonoids whose effect closely resembles that of insulin. The effects of cinnamon when combined with honey, shows a constant use of glucose by the body and an improvement of type 2 diabetes.

Loss of weight: A mixture of honey and cinnamon in hot water is considered a good tool for weight loss. It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. It is important to keep in mind that you always have to combine it with a proper diet and physical exercise. The combination of honey and cinnamon is popularly used to improve the body's metabolism and reduce weight.

Insect bites: This paste has a high healing power. Massage the part of the itching and the pain should disappear in a matter of two minutes.

Digestion: These two natural foods help to increase the health of our digestive system, relieving any indigestion caused by a copious meal.

Arthritis: Drinking tea with honey and cinnamon daily can help relieve joint pain. We can also apply this mixture in the affected area of ​​our body.

Skin care: Also the benefits of these two products extend to the care of the skin. We can treat the small infections of the skin, the pimples by applying the paste on the area to be treated. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant characteristics it can reduce the appearance of age-related spots.

Heart disease: It can help prevent blockages of blood vessels, cholesterol, heart attacks and hypercholesterolamy if we eat it regularly.

Hair loss: It can help delay hair loss if we apply the mixture on our hair and let it act for about 15 minutes.

Bladder infections: It can help destroy bacteria in the urinary system.

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Honey Flavors
Raw Honey (*)
Liquid Honey
Iberian Peninsula
Honey 85 % - Chestnut 15%
Weight - Format
275 g.
Chestnuts have lots of fiber and healthy fats
Visual appearance - (Color)
Dark red
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Sweet aromatic
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Special sweet
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(*) Honey Raw: Straight from the hive, untreated.