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Taste the best known product of the hive. We offer a wide range of honeys, all quality, where you can buy honey online without leaving home. A natural, traditional and artisan product. The benefits of this natural food are very broad, is widely used as a cough remedy, helping throat pain among many other uses, so it is considered as a natural medicine. Depending on the variety and its properties, can be used as an adjunct to other treatments. It is used in haute cuisine to prepare more sophisticated dishes. A safe, healthy, natural food.

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Online sale of honey. Choose from all the varieties we have available in Spain and over the world, the one you like best,according to your preferences, and take advandage of its properties, benefits or as a healthy sweetener, and we'll send home as a comfortable and safe way. Do not hesitate to buy honey in your store specializing in products derived from beekeeping.

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Honey with Cinnamon 275g.
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Selling thousand-flower honey with cinnamon helps us fight overweight and keep us in shape. Highly healthy Cinnamon makes this combiando be used as a potent food for diets related to weight loss. Beneficial for: Anti-agingHelp with skin imperfectionsHelp with digestionLowers cholesterolHelp with weight loss
Hifas da Terra - Reishi-Honey (Brown Honey and Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) powder)
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Organic honey of centeranios chestnuts of O Courel (Lugo, Galicia) and Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) in powder, a fungus used in the traditional Chinese medicine that contains polysaccharides, triterpenos, mineral salts and vitamins of the group B. Also it contains 17 essential amino acids. Presented in a beautiful jar. A gourmet product that you will love if you are a lover of new sensations.
Honey with saffron
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Sale of honey with Azafran Syren. A very exclusive and gourmet product. Two ingredients that give a product with a very special flavor, in addition to having great nutritional properties. It has a high content of Vitamin B2 and antioxidants. If you like different flavors do not hesitate to try this honey with saffron and canned in Spain.
Oak Honey with Black Truffle 35g/170g
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Oak honey flavored with black truffle (tuber melanosporum) from Soria, elaborated by hand. A gourmet product that stands out for its strong flavor if the test alone, but, used for cooking (its main use), the most demanding palates will find in the dishes made with this delicacy a source of exclusivity, since the black truffle intensifies the flavors of the products.
Honey with Walnuts 220g.
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Sale of orange blossom honey with walnuts. A natural food of something contained in energy since it combines the energetic and healthy power of honey with nuts (omega 3 fat). Highly recommended for athletes, students and people who need an extra energy contribution. A product highly valued by athletes.
Honey with Garlic 275g.
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Sale of honey of a thousand flowers with garlic. Elaboration totally artisan, where the artisans cut the dried garlic carefully and introduce them into this wonderful mixture of flavors. An authentic delicatessen gourmet product for the most exquisite palates. A somewhat bittersweet taste where the nutrients of these two foods merge to give a full flavor and quality.
Honey with nuts 275g.
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Sale of honey of a thousand flowers with nuts. What to say about this combination ... well, the large amounts of nutrients they provide will help us to maintain a healthier life. Pure honey with omega 3 fats from the nut. A natural food prepared by hand and packaged in a very elegant jar. Health and energy go hand in hand.
Honey with Almond 275g.
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Honey sale of a thousand flowers with almonds, a delicatessen product for lovers of good gastronomy. A combination of high quality where two foods that combine very well with dairy products like cheeses of all varieties meet. Enjoy these two flavors of first quality gathered in a practical format where the two aromas merge, giving a unique and exquisite flavor.